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Special Sundaes!

*All Sundaes topped with
whipped cream and a cherry*

Hot Fudge Sundae
Choose your favorite ice cream to be covered in hot fudge.

Lickity Split
3 scoops of ice cream topped with pineapple, strawberry, hot fudge, and a banana of course.

Water’s Edge Turtle Sundae
Vanilla ice cream covered in caramel, hot fudge, and pecans.

Tram Car Truffle
Vanilla ice cream on top of homemade Tandy Cake, smothered in hot fudge and peanut butter.

Seashore Surprise
Choice of ice cream topped with strawberry and banana.

Peanut Butter Fluff
Peanut butter ripple with marshmallow, hot fudge, and peanuts.

The Riptide
Banana ice cream swept away by Reese’s Cups, pretzels, and hot fudge.

Smorely Delicious
Fudge ripple ice cream coated in hot fudge, marshmallow, and graham cracker pieces.

Sunset Sundae
Chocolate peanut butter, cookie dough, and fudge ripple ice creams topped with hot fudge, marshmallow, M&Ms, and peanuts.

Cooler by the Mile
Mint chocolate chip ice cream and mint candies blanketed in hot fudge.

Kids Sundaes
Bucket of Fun
One scoop of ice cream with one topping served in a bucket with a shovel and rake.

Bowl of Dirt
Chocolate ice cream topped off with Oreos and gummy worms.

Proudly Serving
Turkey Hill Ice Cream

(Gluten Free)

Butter Pecan
Choco Chip Cookie Dough
Choco Mint Chip
Choco Peanut Butter Cup
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Marshmallow
Colombian Coffee
Cookies ‘n Cream
Double Dunker
Dutch Chocolate
Eagles Touchdown Sundae
Fudge Ripple
Java Chunk
Moose Tracks
Muddy Sneakers
Party Cake
(No Sugar Added) Peanut Butter Paradise
Peanut Butter Ripple
Phillies Graham Slam
Rocky Road
Rum Raisin
Salted Caramel
Strawberries and Cream
Vanilla Bean